Asp.Net to SQL Server Timeout



We have some reports that call a stored procedure on our SQL Server
2005 box. As is the usual case, these reports were working fine until
a few days ago. The stored procedures gather data, and return the data
as xml explicit. We have xsl pages setup for the report pages to
translate the received xml.

For each stored procedure, we have two streams of xml report data: one
with report header information, the other one with the report data.

If I comment out the report data xml from being retrieved, the report
header is retrieved and displayed with no problems. However, if I
leave the stored procedure to retrieve everything like it should, it
seems to time it self out, because not even the header information is

I can run the stored procedures on the SQL Server box with no
problems. I have also put Server.ScriptTimeout = 900 on the report
pages in question and added <httpRuntime executionTimeout="900" /> to
my web.config file and also set the Connection Timeout = 900 for the
SQLConn key that is used to make the connection to the SQL Server when
the ASP page calls the stored procedure.

I'm pretty sure there's a timeout issue going on here, but unsure what
could have changed to cause it, but more importantly, unsure how to
fix it.

The only thing I haven't done is officially time how long the report
page takes until it displays nothing, but I would guess it's less than
the 15 minutes I've specified as a timeout.

Any ideas?


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