<asp:xml> control



Hello All,

I have a simple web form that has an <asp:xml> control. I am using a
dataset's getXml() and binding it to the Document property of xml control. I
am also using an XSLTransform object to render the content as an HTML.
Everything is working fine and I am able to render the data in the form of a
table. Here is my problem:

When I want to copy the table that is rendered on the webpage along with the
data, I am not able to copy that to a word document and paste it. I do not
know why the table is not being copied to the word document.

When I do a "View Source" of the generated HTML, I am seeing the XML header
i.e., <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> mixed with other HTML tags. Why
is this being rendered in the browser's output. I understand that I am using
the xml control but does it usually render this code along with HTML. And I
am suspecting that it is the reason why I am unable to copy this content over
to a word document using CTRL+C.

Am I right in thinking this way? Any ideas or pointers? How can I stop the
engine from printing the XML header?

Thanks a lot!!


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