AutoPostBack IIS 6



Hi. I'm having some problems with AutoPostBack in my pages running on
Windows 2003/IIS 6.

The pages are really simple. For example, one of them contains two
dropDownLists. The firstdrop down has two items and AutoPostBack is set to
true. When a user selects an item in the first drop down, the values for the
second drop down are filled in the SelectedIndexChanged event depending on
what the user selected. Simple stuff. The pages work fine on Win2K/IIS 5 and
XP/IIS 5. On Win2003/IIS 6, AutoPostBack doesn't fire for the second item in
the list of the first drop down...but it does if the first item is selected.

A view source of the code rendered to the browser shows that the
__doPostBack javaScript method is in the page and the drop down has the
correct code in it's OnChange event.

I'm having the same problem with AutoPostBack on group of radio buttons.
AutoPostBack doesn't work for the first button, but does for the others in
the group.

I've seached the web and newsgroups and found posts of others having similar
issues when moving their sites from IIS 5 to IIS 6, but I haven't found any
answers on what needs to be done to fix it. It seems there has to be some
settings in IIS 6 that need to be configured.

Has anyone else run into this or have an idea of what may be going on? Any
help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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