Avery 5160



(also posted in microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general)

Sorry for the multi-post, after posting to the first group someone suggested
that I post here too.

Hello all.

We are running an ASP.NET app using MSSQL for the database. We would like to
pull records from the database and place them into a document that prints
mailing labels in the Avery 5160 format.

Is there a way to do this?


- J

Kirk Graves

I can think of 2 options.

1) just use mail merge in Word. you can automate Word on the server to pull
the data from SQL Server, then return the word document to the client.
2) create a pdf document on the fly. there are a number of tools out there
today that will allow you to create and modify PDF documents programaticly.

the second option will likely be the better one, since PDF is more
univerisal and because PDF is all about print layout, so you know it will
print the way you want it to. However, it is also the option that will
likely cost the most.

take a look at TallPDF. they are not the only ones that do this, but they
are the ones I keep getting email from, so I happen to remember their name.


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