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Markus Schaber

Hi, Terry,

Von: Terry Reedy
Your interpretation seems reasonable, but only a paid lawyer (or
ultimately a judge) can 'confirm' a legal interpretation. Sorry, we
programmers generally hate the system.

I also am a programmer, and not a lawyer.

And our paid lawyer cannot look into the code (where most files do not
even actually have any copyright header) and magically guess which of
the files might be covered by the Berkeley license.

In the meantime, we found which has some better
descriptions of which license applies to which part of the code, but
that file is not equal to the LICENSE.txt which was distributed with the
IronPython installer nor with the Python 2.6 binary distribution we

This is why he asked us to confirm with the developers of python that
none of the non-copyright-annotated .py files in the standard library
are actually covered by the Berkeley license.
of the licensors are looking to play gotcha and I do not know that there
have been any court cases involving Python.
I presume you are using some version of Python 2.

As the last stable version of IronPython implements Python 2.6, I
conclude that the installer includes the standard library in a 2.6
compatible version - however, it seems not to be the version distributed
with cPython 2.6.6.
In 3.2, the license file has the four general licenses (CWI, CNRI,
BeOpen, PSF) in one section and 16 specific licenses related to various
library modules (each identified) in another. There is no BSD license
because bsddb in no longer included.

That also applies to the published license for cPython 2.6.6 (link
above) which lacks the Berkeley license, but not the license actually
installed with the installer (which still contains the bsddb module). It
identifies itself as:
| Python 2.6.6 (r266:84297, Aug 24 2010, 18:46:32) [MSC v.1500 32 bit
(Intel)] on win32
You could take the disappearance of the BD licence with the
disappearance of the bsddb module as confirmation of your hypothesis;-).

It is a strong indicator, but no guarantee that all the .py files
without copyright headers are not covered by the Berkeley license.

Thanks for your efforts!

Best regards,

Markus Schaber
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