Bizzare Reporting Services error



I have a most unusual problem that i cannot work out.

I have a pie chart on my report which when you click on one of the
pieces calls itself and drills down into the data.

This method works like a dream. However, my users run their reports
from a .net application which uses a javascript command where the url holds the url of the server, report and
any parameters.

For all my reports this also works fine. When i call my pie chart like
this it will actuall work. untill i attempt to drill down into it.
Remember i have the pie chart open on the reporting server and then
click on a piece of the pie just like i do when i go directly to my sql
reporting server. But for some reason the fact that i came from .net
won't let me drill down. I get a report but both the chart and the
associated data is missing from the report.

Why does the report act differently because of the fact that the
windows was opened from the weird part is if i cut and paste
the url from my second drill down attempt into a new IE window that has
not been created by the javascript code and .net it will take me down
one level into the pie chart just like it should.

i am at a loss to explain this


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