Sql Server Reporting Services Error: rsAccessDenied



I hope this is asp.net related and appropriate in this news group. I
am sure it is not SQL per se, I am not going to post it in the sql
programming news group.

I have been baffled by this for months.

I have SQL Server 2008 Reporting Service running on my Windows Vista
Enterprise Edition. The ReportServer URL is http://localhost:8888/ReportServer

As practice, I have created a simple Business Intelligence Project by
following the tutorial at

When I tried to deploy this report, visual studio 2008 gave me an
error which says:

Error 1 The permissions granted to user 'MYCOMPUTER\CSharper' are
insufficient for performing this operation.

Attempting to check out http://localhost:8888/ReportServer/ from IE
also gets me this:

Reporting Services Error

The permissions granted to user 'MYCOMPUTER\CSharper' are insufficient
for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) Get Online Help

SQL Server Reporting Services

In Reporting Service Configuration Manager, I have tried service
accounts "Local System" and "Network Service", neither helped.

I searched online, a lot of the answers are talking about clicking on
this or that tab at http://localhost:8888/ReportServer/, but the
problem is the reporting service doesn't even wanna show me what's in
http://localhost:8888/ReportServer/ because of the permission error.
In other words, I cannot even get through the very first door to the
reporting service. None of the solutions I found helped. I bumped my
head against my keyboard many times, and hope to get some help from
here. Many thanks in advance.

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