sql report 2008 and web services


Aleks Kleyn

I prepared sql server report 2008 and want to show it in asp page. When
visual studio is opened for project I can open add web service. Puting URL
for report I can see it without problem. It is does not matter i opened VS
as administrator or as regulat user.

To see report on web page I wrote code
style="width:100%; height:1400" runat="server">

However when I brows report from IIS 7.0 it responds
The permissions granted to user '...' are insufficient for performing this
operation. (rsAccessDenied)

what kind of setting of web page i need to change in order to see report.

thank you.

Aleks Kleyn

Your reference is very useful. However it is reference to sql server 2005
online. Because I have sql server 2008 and windows Vista I read both books
at the same time. At least one recomendation works. Adding local host to
trusted site i can see report in internet explorer when this report is made
on local host. however when I change localhost by name of computer i get the
same error.

of course change on level of IE is not satisfactory. I cannot force user add
the site into trusted zone. I think this change should be done on level IIS.

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