Reporting Services in VS 2008


David C

I have a few VS 2005 web projects that also had Reporting Services projects
attached to them. I have converted some of the VS 2005 web projects to 2008
but the Reporting Services project (.rptproj) did not convert. I get an
error that states that the .rptproj cannot be opened becuase its project
type (.rptproj) is not supported by this version of Visual Studio. How can
I get my VS 2005 reporting services projects converted to VS 2008? Or can
I? Also, I did not see any Reporting Services project options when creating
a new project. What am I missing and do I need to install something that I
missed? Thanks.


Norman Yuan

No you cannot use convert SQL Server2005 reporting service project to
VS2008. The reporting services project template is brought in by SQL
Server's Business Intelligent Development Studio (a strip-down version of
VS2005). When your computer have a version of VS2005(Std, Pro, Team)
installed, SQL Server2005's BI Studio will merge into your existing VS2005
installation, so you can find reporting services project type in your
VS2005. However.

To do SQL Server2005 reporting project, you need to keep the .rptproj in
VS2005. Period. Since you have already get VS2008 installed, you can do all
VS2005 can do except for SQL Server2005 RS project, you can remove VS2005
and only keep SQL Server2005 BI studio (a lean version of VS2005). However,
I am not sure if you need to reinstall BI Studio if you remove VS2005. If
you have a huge HD, I'd recommend keep VS2005 unchanged.

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