Bulk Row Insert Wizard - Dynamic Markup produced from VB.NET




I wanted to bounce an Idea off you guys. I'm not sure if it's possible
or even how to implement it .. or possibly if I'm trying to re-invent
the wheel.

Our users currently use excel and a file upload feature through an
asp.net intranet ap to bulk insert data into our databases - the
function works fine provided the file does not have format issues. The
process also requires some knowledge of excel and that users don't get
file names confused.

I though we might design an insert wizard where they could select all
repeating fields in a header record with dropdownlist and then enter a
number of times field that wuold then *dynamically* render a table of
textboxes leaving any unset fields open for input.. Ideally those open
texboxes would also be dropdowns in cases where we wanted to restrict
possible values. We would then validate the table of values highligting
any fields that were incorrectly formated until everthing was perfect
and a upload button would be enabled.

Is the above a crazy idea or mabey too ambitious?
If not, for starters, whats the best way to create dynamic markup code
from vb.net like a table of texboxes each with an id that I can later
locate based on a two dimensional array?
Anybody know where I can find sample similar code in VB.NET?


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