Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Services' started by deja, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. deja

    deja Guest

    if my webmethod parameter is an object, it doesn't seem to cache the
    output even though the xml serialised version of this object is the
    same as the previous call. Is this right?

    if I call the same web method with two different RequestObjects(see
    below) but both with the same attributes like so:
    all other attributes not set.

    the webmethod output is not cached but I was expecting it to be. Does
    this mean the parameters have to be simple parameters? I wanted to use
    an object parameter so it could be extended more easily.

    i.e. WebMethod parameter is RequestObject.
    RequestObject consists of:
    public string dbId
    public System.Collections.Generic.List<WSAdditionalParam> addParams
    public GroupType grpType;
    public int refTransNum;
    public string[] idList;

    public class WSAdditionalParam
    public WSAdditionalParam()
    public string Name;
    public object Value;

    public static object GetParam(List<WSAdditionalParam>
    addParams, string paramName)
    ParamFilter filter = new ParamFilter(paramName);
    if (addParams != null)
    WSAdditionalParam param =
    if (param != null)
    return param.Value;
    return null;

    public enum GroupType
    T = 0,
    Z= 1,
    D = 2,
    S = 3,
    E = 4,
    L = 5,
    P = 6,
    ST = 7,
    TB = 8,
    C = 9

    deja, Feb 16, 2007
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  2. deja

    deja Guest

    Also, what happens if 2 calls come in one after the other but the
    first call hasn't finished when the second one comes in? Does the
    second one do all the work all over again or does it wait for the
    first call to output and then use the same output?

    deja, Feb 16, 2007
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