Calling Event Handlers Inside Custom Control

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by mike.gilmore, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. mike.gilmore

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    I've created a custom control that contains a collection of link
    buttons (PagingControl.vb). I want an event to fire when the link
    button is clicked.

    The event handler is located in my primary file
    (ShowData.aspx). However, when I attempt to compile my class file, I
    get an error because the event the link button is attempting to wire to
    doesn't exist.

    Unfortunately, my fix isn't as simple as moving my event handler from
    ShowData.aspx to the class because that function class another function
    local to the page.

    Ideally I want my PagingControl.vb file to become part of my control
    library and accessible to all of my different web applications. The
    abbreviated code for the two files is shown below.

    Thanks in advance,



    Public Sub ChangePage(Sender as Object, e as CommandEventArgs)
    lblClickValue = "It worked! " & e.CommandArgument
    End Sub




    Dim objLb as LinkButton

    For loop = start_page to end_page

    objLb = New LinkButton
    objLb.Text = loop
    objLb.CommandName = "lb" & loop
    objLb.CommandArgument = loop

    addHandler objLb.Command, AddressOf ChangePage

    mike.gilmore, Feb 2, 2006
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