Can't get slider widget to work in matplotlib.widgets

May 23, 2023
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hey guys I'm gonna go out and say right away that I have no idea what I'm doing, I started coding like 3 days ago so if this question doesn't make sense that's why, but I've been trying to import the slider class from matplotlib.widgets and it simply does not exist for me

for the three days that I have been coding this has been driving me insane so if anyone could tell me why this is happening I would really appreciate it
Mar 31, 2023
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Hey there! No worries, we all start somewhere!

The Slider class you're referring to is part of the matplotlib.widgets module in Matplotlib, which is used for creating interactive widgets in plots. If you're encountering an issue where the Slider class doesn't exist, there are a few possible reasons for it:

  1. Matplotlib version: Make sure you have the latest version of Matplotlib installed. You can check the version by running import matplotlib; print(matplotlib.version). If you have an older version, you can upgrade it using pip install --upgrade matplotlib.
  2. Incorrect import statement: Double-check that you're importing the Slider class correctly. The correct import statement should look like this:
    pythonCopy code
    from matplotlib.widgets import Slider
    Make sure you haven't misspelled anything or used a different capitalization.
  3. Missing installation: It's possible that the matplotlib.widgets module wasn't installed when you initially installed Matplotlib. In some cases, certain submodules are not installed by default. You can try reinstalling Matplotlib using pip install --force-reinstall matplotlib to ensure that all the required modules are installed.

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