CGI, POST, and file uploads

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Mitchell L Model

Can someone tell me how to upload the contents of a (relatively
small) file using an HTML form and CGI in Python 3.1? As far as I
can tell from a half-day of experimenting, browsing, and searching
the Python issue tracker, this is broken.

followed by a detailed example demonstrating the problem.

Having hear no response, let me clarify that this request was
preliminary to filing a bug report -- I wanted to make sure I wasn't
missing something here. If nothing else, this failure should be
documented rather than the 3.1 library documentation continuing to
describe how to upload file contents with POST. If someone thinks
there is a way to make this work in 3.1, or that it isn't a bug
because CGI is hopeless (i.e., non-WSGI-compliant), or that the
documentation shouldn't be changed, please respond. I'd rather have
this particular discussion here than in the bug tracking system.

Meanwhile, let me heartily recommend the Bottle Web Framework (
) for its simplicity, flexibility, and power. Very cool stuff. To make
it work in Python3.1, do the following:
1. run 2to3 on (the only file there is to download)
2. copy or move the resulting to the site-libs directory in
your Python installation's library directory
3. don't use request.GET.getone or request.POST.getone -- instead of
getone, use get (the protocol changed to that of the Mapping ABC from
the collections module)
4. the contents of a file will be returned inside a cgi.FieldStorage
object, so you need to add '.value' after the call to get in that case


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