I'm using the ChangePassword Control to allow remote users the ability to
change their domain passwords in an page. In the Web Express
development tool it works fine. I move it to a virtual web site & I always
get the same error message: 'Password incorrect or New Password invalid. New
Password length minimum: 7. Non-Alphanumeric characters required: 1'
1st these are not the requirements of the system. I'd like to know where
this message is coming from.
2nd I think I'm getting this message because of other password security
settings - like minimum duration.

I've included a regular expression that reflects my password requirements:
length 8+, Upper & lower case, numbers & special character. Since I get past
this requirement I can only assume the error is coming from the Control
I added a sub to capture the error, but it always comes back as a 0.

I'm all in favor of error messages that prevent users from setting their
passwords incorrectly, but I need to know where or how to set the correct
error message.

Thanks in advance for assistance.

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