Compilation Error - BC2000



Web Project - No Strong Name
BLL Project - Strong Name
DAL Project - Strong Name
Schema Project - Strong Name
Web Control Assemblies - all have strong name

None of the above is stored in the GAC. The BLL and DAL project assemblies
get registered in Component Services (automatically).

When I build and try to run the project, I have the problem specified in KB

We have reasons why we are not allowed to place these into the GAC, for now.
So until then, how can I go about fixing this problem?

Right now, we wrote an IDE event handler that will make a web request to
whatever web application was successfully compiled, then will "touch" a
directory (create and delete an empty text file) in it's bin directory after
the request returns. This fixes the problem to where we don't get the
Compilation Error anymore, but it is quite time consuming to sit and wait
for the request to return (have to wait for JIT same as if I connected to
the page after a recompile anyways).

I posted this a year or so ago and I was told the Framework does not support
the way we have it set up...yet, it works just fine...and in .Net 2005, it
works without the error.

Any help would be help..that's just fine too :)



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