Control skins cannot contain child controls


Dave Mathew

I'm having problems implementing a custom server control that I'd like
to use a skin. What I'm trying to accomplish is building a control
that I can drop into a page and change a property of this control that
is a collection through the use of a theme's skin file. Like this:

<tpx:AControlName SkinID="skinname" runat="server" />

Then in a skin file for each theme define the collection (where the
myitems would be different for each theme):

<tpx:AControlName SkinID="skinname" runat="server>
<myitem myproperty="myvalue1" myproperty2="myvalue2" />
<myitem myproperty="myvalue3" myproperty2="myvalue4" />

I've currently implemented a control that uses a ControlBuilder and an
override of the AddParsedSubObject method to parse out each "myitem"
in the markup and add items to a private list in my control. Then I
use the Render method to generate the markup I want based off of the
data in the list.

This works fine when all the markup for the control is in the page
it's being used on. However when I add on the SkinID and move the list
of "myitems" to the skin file I get this error when compiling:

"Control skins cannot contain child controls"

It seems that only "presentation properties" can be skinned but I
can't seem to find any documentation on why this is the case or even
what a "presentation property" is. Any advice would be greatly


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