Copy/Paste from Office Web Components object in web page?


Richard Crowley

I have a dynamically-generated asp web page which uses Office Web Components
to display an Excel bar chart of the user-selected data. The page works
fine, but the users would like to copy-n-paste the displayed bar chart from
the web page and insert it into an email (MS Outlook) or report (MS Word or
MS PowerPoint).

Is there any way of supporting this copy/paste functionality? When you
right-click on the chart in the displayed web page (viewed with MSIE6), you
are only given the pop-up button [About...] which displays the "About
Microsoft Office Web Components" splash window ("Version SP-3"

Currently, the only work-around is to "Print-Screen", trim using Paint, and
then paste into the destination. This is too tedious and beyond the
capabilities of some of the users.

Thanks for any help.

Vegetarians won't have to worry about overdosing on tryptophan this
Thursday! :)