Create a Copy of Files



I'm creating a utility program to create empty text files using the
filenames PDFs, but with the case--upper and lower--preserved. I need
a duplicate file with zero footprint on the HD for indexing purposes.
Can anybody help me with this? I managed to write something in another
language, but it came out all in lowercase so I'm looking into C/C++.

Input: 0763704814 - C++ Plus Data Structures, 3ed (Jones and
Output: 0763704814 - C++ Plus Data Structures, 3ed (Jones and

And I also want to move the ISBN to the end.
Input: 0763704814 - C++ Plus Data Structures, 3ed (Jones and
Output: C++ Plus Data Structures, 3ed (Jones and Bartlett-2003) -

Why do I want this? I download a lot of ebooks--PDF's, CHM's, DJVU's,
etc. I want to create a separate index using the operating system's
folders as a kind of catalog and store the ebooks elsewhere. My
solution is to create proxy files for the ebooks (i.e., empty text
files with the same names as the original). The text files now become
like catalog cards in the library. One "catalog card" (text file) will
have the ISBN in front and another has the book name in front.

I need to do the creation of the files in bulk because I download like
hundreds of ebooks per day. So, the cataloging part is really slowing
me down.

BTW, I'm using Bloodshed Dev-C++ compiler.

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