Crystal rports - Load Report Error


Mark Stevens

I am having problems trying to solve a problem with Crystal Reports.
We have a web site which we have turned into a Web Application using
Visual Studio 2005. We built the installer and added the Crystal
Reports merge module to the package along with the project content and

The package was built and installed on a test server. The server
already had a working copy of he original site (non-web app) which was
working fine including the installation of Crystal Reports we had
performed earlier. The original installation used the Crystal Reports
redistributable module.

After installing the new Web Application we can no longer run any
reports from either the original web site or the new web application.
We now get a COM error loading the report.

Has anyone come across and solved this problem. We have spent a fair
amount of time googling but none of the solutions we found have so far
solved this problem.

Thanks in advance,
|\ _,,,---,,_ A picture used to be worth a
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Mark Stevens (mark at thepcsite fullstop co fullstop uk)

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