Databind an embedded control in an embedded datagrid

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Datagrid Control' started by Thomas Dodds, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Thomas Dodds

    Thomas Dodds Guest


    I have something like the following:

    Col1 - bound column
    Col2 - template column

    datagrid2 - create new datagrid
    col1 - template column
    create new label
    .text - need to bind data
    .tooltip - need to bind data

    I can display the data from the existing dataset using a dataview and
    rowfilter and setting the DataField property (if I use a boundcolumn instead
    of the templatecolumn)

    What I am missing is the expression to bind the data to specific properties
    of the label control. Typically I would use Databinder.Eval(Container,
    "DataItem.FIELDNAME"), but I have no Container (I understand this must be
    the DatagridItem (Row) object) as it doesn't exist yet. What are my
    options? I will forward my Datagrid1_OnItemDataBound sub to anyone via
    email should you want to see it.


    Thomas Dodds, Jul 26, 2004
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