default button in password recovery control


Keith G Hicks 2.0

I have an asp:Login control and an asp:passwordRecovery control on the same
page. The login control is above the recovery one.

When I open the page, I'm setting the focus to the login control. I type in
my user name and password and hit ENTER and it logs me in. That's fine.

When I open the page and tab (or mouse) to the UserName box in the
PasswordRecovery control and hit ENTER, the button in the Login control
fires but want the one on the PasswordRecovery to be activated instead.

I tried to put them each in an update panel but that didn't solve the
problem. How can I solve this?





Keith G Hicks

Well I tried this:

But I get this error:

The DefaultButton of 'PwdRecoveryPanel' must be the ID of a control of type

password recovery control in an asp panel as follows:

<asp:panel id="PwdRecoveryPanel" runat="server"

SubmitButton is the ID of the button in the recovery control. The recovery
control's ID is PasswordRecovery1. Funny thing is that I cannot even refer
to that button in my vb code. It doesn't come up in intellisense. I'm
wondering if that's the problem.

I tried this too and it didn't work:

<asp:panel id="PwdRecoveryPanel" runat="server"


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