DIRECT CLIENT Opening: ITIM-TAM Analyst in Austin, TX.- 06+ months



Hi All,

We have a ITIM-TAM Analyst for our DIRECT CLIENT in Austin, TX., given
is the Job Specifications, Please send me matching profile with rate,
current location and Contact details ASAP to my official ID :
(e-mail address removed)

Thanks and regards,

Direct 213.233.3576
Office 213.233.3907
(e-mail address removed)
(e-mail address removed)

ITIM-TAM Analyst
Location : Austin, Texas
Project Duration : 6 Month(s)
Est Start Date : 6/15/10
Cost : Open
Preference : None

Years Skills/Experience:
8yrs Information technology experience in an IBM WebSphere technical
4yrs LDAP replication implementation
4yrs ITIM, TAM, and LDAP tuning experience
4yrs UNIX administration
4yrs Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) experience
4yrs LDAP administration experience
2yrs DB2 tuning in a Tivoli identity management system
2yrs Tivoli identity management software experience in a Sun Solaris
2yrs Integration of Trust Association Interceptor (TAI++)

Job Description :
skilled ITIM / TAM analysts who meet the qualifications identified
below for a short term project to assist the IEE Identity and Access
Management team successfully migrate an Identity Management system
using Tivoli ITIM 4.6 / TAM 5.1 to a new data center using Tivoli ITIM
5.1 / TAM 6.1. The successful candidate will also assist with the
implementation of ITIM 4.6 and TAM 5.1 on servers for the existing
data center.

Tom Anderson

We have a ITIM-TAM Analyst for our DIRECT CLIENT in Austin, TX.,

What, so you have one and you're looking to sell them or what?

I guess there isn't a lot of call for experts on Australian chocolate
biscuits on most projects, so that's understandable.


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