Dynamically Created LinkButton controls and their events




I am dynamically creating LinkButton controls (to represent breadcrumb
trails) and am having problems with their events.

I specify the CommandName property, the Command Argument property and call
either one of these 'hookups':

lBtn.Command += new System.Web.UI.WebControls.CommandEventHandler (
this.BreadCrumb_OnClick ) ;

lBtn.Click += new System.EventHandler ( this.BreadCrumb_Click ) ;

I would have thought that this would tell the control how to parameterise
its call to __doPostBack, and in part it does, however, I get the post back
but with no event definition, the anchor tags href is like this:


How can I properly use the Command, the CommandName and CommandArgument
properties to make this work correctly?

I do not care about the controls' state being persisted as they are created
on every hit of the page, all I want is the event handler to be called to
change server state.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in adv.



Bill Priess

Hello Jules,

In order to use the CommandName/CommandArgument functionality of the
Button/ImageButton/LinkButton, you must wire up the Command event of the
Button with a CommandEventHandler
lBtn.Command += new CommandEventHandler(lBtn_Command);

Then, you must have a target of the correct parameters:
private void lBtn_Command(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
//Here is where the CommandName/CommandArguments come into play.
Response.Write(e.CommandName + "<br>");
Response.Write((string)e.CommandArgument + "<br>");

Now, believe it or not, the CommandName/CommandArgument details have nothing
to do with the __doPostBack JS method. The __doPostBack JS method just
specifies to ASP.NET what control has triggered the post back.

Anyhow, HTH,

Bill Priess
eCircle Software, LLC

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