etree/lxml/XSLT and dynamic stylesheet variables

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Adam Tauno Williams

I'm using etree to perform XSLT transforms, such as -

from lxml import etree
source = etree.parse(self.rfile)
xslt = etree.fromstring(self._xslt)
transform = etree.XSLT(xslt)
result = transform(source)

according to the docs at
<> I can pass a
dictionary of parameters to transform, such as -

result = transform(doc_root, **{'non-python-identifier': '5'})

Can I pass a dictionary-like object? That doesn't seem to be working.
I need to perform dynamic lookup of variables for the stylesheet.

I've subclassed dictionary and overloaded [], get, has_key, and in to
perform the required lookups; these work in testing. But passing the
object to transform doesn't work.

If that isn't possible is there an alternate XSLT implementation for
python that would allow calling back for variable values?


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