ExapndableObjectConvert.CreateInstance method is ignored



I'.m trying to use an ExapndableObjectConvert, but despite I'm able to
show the correct string into the property grid, and convert to and
from my specific class, the whole process doesn't work unitl I don't
create a private new instance of my return type class in the
WebControl object and use that as set/get variable property like the
small part of code reported below.

private EmployeeInfoClass empInfo = new EmployeeInfoClass();

public EmployeeInfoClass EmployeeInfo
get { return empInfo; }
set { empInfo = value; }

public class EmployeeInfoClass

I noticed that the ExpandableObjectConvert offer an
GetCreateInstanceSupported and a CreateInstance methods that should
act in place of the private instantiation, but while the
GetCreateInstanceSupported is called, the CreateInstance method is
completely ignored.

public class EmployeeConverter : ExpandableObjectConverter //
public override bool
GetCreateInstanceSupported(ITypeDescriptorContext context)
// Always force a new instance
return true;

public override object CreateInstance(ITypeDescriptorContext
context, IDictionary propertyValues)
// Use the dictionary to create a new instance
return new

Where am I doing mistakes?



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