Export data from SQL 2005 table to Excel using asp.net



Here is my scenario:

I am looking for a solution to export information stored in SQL server
2005 tables. Ideally I would like some way for a user to click a button
on a web page that will query the SQL data and allow for the results to
be exportable to excel. In the past I have exported data from the
gridview into excel and am wondering if that would be the best
approach. Ultimately I would like to use the exported data to create
charts and graph in excel. So I am wondering what would be the best
approach to do something like this.

I have seen many suggestions like SQLBulkCopy or using SSIS and many
others but an unfamiliar with using both. So before I do a ton of
research are there any suggestions.

Has anyone had to do this and if so what approach did you use?

Any advice or bumps in the right direction would be helpful..

As always Thanks for you help.


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