Exposed User Control not appearing as member of Master


John Kotuby

Hi all,

Has anyone experienced any problems after applying the SP1 service pack to
Visual Studio 2005? I am running into a problem that I can't otherwise

My project contains a Master Page that has a number of User Controls which I
access from any new Windows Form I create by exposing them as Public
Properties of the Master Page.

This has worked just fine until I applied the latest service pack.

Here is the strange part. Pages that existed before the SP1 still recognize
the syntax Master.UserWelcome as being valid. UserWelcome is a Public
Property that I created to expose the User Control in the Master page.

However, after the SP1, when I create a new Windows Form the Public Property
UserWelcome no longer appears in the Intellisense window as an available

That's not a good thing at all.

If it's not SP1 causing this behavior, does anyone else know why the problem
is occurring?

Thanks to all...


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