Fatal error on Web application running on IIS 6.0



Dear all

recently we have roll out web application(using .Net 2.0 and crystal report
for .Net) onto Production server running Windows 2003 Small Business Server
with Service Pack 1

The problem happening at afternoon almost everyday, which cause our report
prompts "Load Report Failed". Strange thing is when I delete w3wp.exe
application pool service from Task Manager, the problem fixed, but after a
while, this problem comes again.

We've been well tested the web application on development stage and thru
general UAT, we couldn't find this problem, now it seems telling me when
more people using the web, this problem comes out.

Because kill the w3wp.exe on task manager will fix the problem, is there a
bug in Application Pool service that it couldn't release some sort of

User do not accept the way to fix the problem by killing w3wp.exe service,
and because the web application is using by max of 80 concurrently user
across many countries, the report generation is a very critical function
which need to be fixed ASAP

Can anyone give me a hint of solution how to fix this stability problem? is
this a known bug at IIS or Application pool worker process?



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