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Discussion in 'Java' started by raavi, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. raavi

    raavi Guest

    Hi all
    I am now doing a webapplication involving servlets.i want to creat
    a dynamic view of an image.the image generated will be of type
    BufferedImage and i want to write it into a file.i have created the
    file using File class and CreateNewFile()method.but the file is not
    created on that location.can anyone tell me why is this so? also tell
    me whether wait() method will help to suspend a servlet for sometime?
    Thanks in Advance
    raavi, Jun 30, 2006
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  2. raavi

    Andrew T. Guest

    Change the '.' to a ',' in line 273 of your source.

    Failing that.

    What stacktraces are you getting?
    Are you printing stacktraces, or just ignoring the exceptions?

    It might be that you are attempting graphical operations in
    a headless environment, but it might be one of a dozen or so
    other things as well.
    What benefit do you think that will bring to your web application?

    Andrew T.
    Andrew T., Jun 30, 2006
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