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Discussion in '.NET' started by tedge, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    Hello everyone,

    I am having a problem. I have a program that allows users to upload a zip file and then unzip it. On the unzip function it does a line entry into the database about the size and shape of the jpgs and then unzips the folders and places them in a directory. the problem is that i get the filenotfoundexception even though the file is there. I'd appreciate any help or ideas thanks.

    private void InsertZip(string DBCreativeName, string DBActive, int DBDesignerID, UploadedFile infile)

    string[] directoryEntries =
    System.IO.Directory.GetFileSystemEntries(Server.MapPath(@"DataImages\\" + infile.GetNameWithoutExtension()));
    foreach (string str in directoryEntries)
    string ZipSize = "";
    string ZipSourcePath = Server.MapPath(@"DataImages\\ZipFolder\\" + infile.GetNameWithoutExtension() + "\\");
    ZipSourcePath += Path.GetFileName(str);
    // string ZipDestPath = Server.MapPath(@"DataImages\\");
    //ZipDestPath += Path.GetFileName(str);

    string ZipEntryPhysicalName = Path.GetFileName(str);
    System.Drawing.Image objImage = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(str);
    string ZipEntryWidth = objImage.Width.ToString();
    string ZipEntryHeight = objImage.Height.ToString();
    string ZipCreativeName = DBCreativeName;
    //string ZipKeys = DBKeys;
    string ZipActive = DBActive;
    int ZipDesignerID = DBDesignerID;

    Error happens on this line:
    System.Drawing.Image objImage = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(str);

    the str variable is the culprit but I don't know why. Permissions are fine and files and directories exist

    this is the error from my application log

    Event code: 3005
    Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred.
    Event time: 1/23/2009 10:50:29 AM
    Event time (UTC): 1/23/2009 3:50:29 PM
    Event ID: 50f7dec7a3c9485a93f6de35d6cb104f
    Event sequence: 13
    Event occurrence: 2
    Event detail code: 0

    Application information:
    Application domain: /LM/w3svc/1/ROOT/Creative35-8-128771978828860680
    Trust level: Full
    Application Virtual Path: /Creative35
    Application Path: C:\Creative35\Trunk\src\Creative35\
    Machine name: TONI

    Process information:
    Process ID: 3152
    Process name: aspnet_wp.exe
    Account name: TONI\ASPNET

    Exception information:
    Exception type: FileNotFoundException
    Exception message: C:\Creative35\Trunk\src\Creative35\DataImages\flo\flo

    Request information:
    Request URL:localhost/Creative35/TelerikTab.aspx
    Request path: /Creative35/TelerikTab.aspx
    User host address:
    Is authenticated: False
    Authentication Type:
    Thread account name: TONI\ASPNET

    Thread information:
    Thread ID: 1
    Thread account name: TONI\ASPNET
    Is impersonating: False
    Stack trace: at System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(String filename, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement)
    at System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(String filename)
    at Creative35.TelerikTab.InsertZip(String DBCreativeName, String DBActive, Int32 DBDesignerID, UploadedFile infile) in C:\Creative35\Trunk\src\Creative35\TelerikTab.aspx.cs:line 881
    at Creative35.TelerikTab.btnimageupload_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Creative35\Trunk\src\Creative35\TelerikTab.aspx.cs:line 611
    at System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button.RaisePostBackEvent(String eventArgument)
    at System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button.System.Web.UI.IPostBackEventHandler.RaisePostBackEvent(String eventArgument)
    at System.Web.UI.Page.RaisePostBackEvent(IPostBackEventHandler sourceControl, String eventArgument)
    at System.Web.UI.Page.RaisePostBackEvent(NameValueCollection postData)
    at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)
    Any help would be appreciated,

    tedge, Jan 23, 2009
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