[Form Authentication] modify ReturnUrl value



i've a problem, and i know you can help me to solve it.
I'm using Asp Net and Form Authentication.
When i'm anonymous and i must show a protected page, i'm redirected into
a login.aspx page and in the path of the page (in the address bar) is
added "ReturnUrl=...ecc...eccc...". It's the page where i'm redirect
when i logged in.


Now, i'll want to change the value of ReturnUrl, and i'll want to crypt

from "ReturnUrl=/home/home.aspx"
to "ReturnUrl=Xfdòlmremvemmpem"

My problem isn't the decrypt algorithm (i have it), my problem is how i
can access to the ReturnUrl value.

Please help me.
I hope.

Bye! and thanx to all.


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