Formatting for display a datagrid with many columns

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Datagrid Control' started by booksnore, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. booksnore

    booksnore Guest

    I have a spec for a datagrid that the client has provided that includes
    40 columns that the client wants to be able to edit.
    What is the best way of formatting very long tables for display? I saw a
    note posted to say use a dropdownlist to allow users to select
    additional fields for view if the table exceeds the display size. I
    think that will not be an option for me as the client has stated that
    they need to see and edit all fields from the default view. I think they
    want something like below where the rows are stacked upon one another so

    First record:
    row 1: cols 1 to 10
    row 2: cols 11 to 20
    row 3: cols 21 to 30
    row 4: cols 31 to 40
    Second record:
    row 5: cols 1 to 10
    row 6: cols 11 to 20
    row 7: cols 21 to 30
    row 8: cols 31 to 40

    Can this be done within a datagrid?

    booksnore, Feb 27, 2006
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  2. You can do it with a repeater. Set it up within an html table like this:
    <td>bound to column 1</td>
    <td>bound to column 10</td>
    <td>bound to column 11</td>
    <td>bound to column 20</td>
    <td>bound to column 21</td>
    <td>bound to column 30</td>
    <td>bound to column 31</td>
    <td>bound to column 40</td>

    Eliyahu Goldin, Feb 27, 2006
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