"Free ASP Upload"... again


Neil Gould

(I've tried posting this before via usenet, but it hasn't appeared in a
couple of days, so please excuse any duplication)

Still "porting and sorting" our classic ASP website to a new hosting service
(on a 2003 server running IIS6), and I've run into a curious problem that I
hope someone can help out with.

On the previous hosts' server, we had been using a version of the "Pure ASP
Upload" script to upload files to the site, and to prevent the script from
timing out on large files, the script set an appropriate value via
Server.ScriptTimeOut. Since the new host has disabled honoring the
Server.ScriptTimeOut instruction via scripts (?!?), I had their tech support
set it to 1000 (the value we previously used, but uploads never took that
long to complete) which now permits the script to complete (indicated by
processing messages and redirections), but the upload process fails without
a specific error for files that would take more than about 1-1/2 minutes to
upload. Their tech support is "working on it", but my sense is that they
aren't employing MVPs...

Are there IIS settings other than Server.ScriptTimeOut that affect how long
a process runs before it is dumped by the server?

Is there something else that could account for this behavior?

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