Gateway Shutting Down

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by James Gray, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. James Gray

    James Gray Guest


    We have long maintained a gateway between the comp.lang.ruby Usenet
    group and the Ruby Talk mailing list. This gateway shuttles most
    messages back and forth between these two groups.

    When our community was young, that was very important for keeping us
    together. Especially since we had small memberships count early on.

    Our community has grown beyond this phase. We have a ton of groups
    and have long since split into our separate domains.

    I have maintained the most recent incarnation of the gateway for years
    now, but it was running on the server of a company I don't even work
    for anymore. I needed to find it a new home, but I really don't think
    it's worth the resources to maintain anymore. Given that, I'm
    retiring as the gateway maintainer today and the gateway is shutting

    Again, I just don't feel we need it anymore. If you disagree, the
    code is publicly available and you are welcome to devote your own
    resources to the project. (Please, think hard before you reinstate it
    though. There are consequences to having it.)

    Thanks for understanding.

    James Edward Gray II
    James Gray, Jun 21, 2011
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