Good Books On ASP.NET Mobile


Nathan Sokalski

I am looking to learn ASP.NET Mobile (I want to learn more about the mobile
controls as well as some of the general standards and techniques for making
mobile sites). However, I have been unable to find a good book on the
ASP.NET mobile controls. I already have lots of experience in the desktop
components of ASP.NET and have obviously used Visual Studio, so I would like
to find a book that concentrates primarily on the ASP.NET components used
for mobile websites. Any suggestions? Thanks.

bruce barker

the .net mobile are obsolete and there is no current replacement (except
maybe in the next release of sharepoint). just get a book on mobile
phones. as the top phones with browser support are webkit based (iphone
andriod), palm pre, and phones with opera (htc). of course there is the
mobile ie (but knowing what version a phone has is a pain).

-- bruce (

Nathan Sokalski

OK, I am willing to believe that, but there are still all the differences
between mobile and desktop sites/pages as far as things like what to do
differently as far as design, navigation, etc. Are there any good books that
you would recommend for these topics? Even if it doesn't give examples using
ASP.NET, I don't want one that gives examples using some other server-side
technology; I want one that discusses and gives examples that are simple
static pages (ones that do not involve any server-side stuff) or if it does
discuss and give examples using server-side technology, I want that
server-side technology to be ASP.NET. Thank you for any recommendations you
may have.

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