GridView - Changing FilterExpression of SQLDataSource and Paging

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Henry Habermacher [MVP Access], Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Environment: VS2005, ASP.Net 2.0, SQLServer 2000, VB.Net, IIS6

    I use a GridView Control which is based on a SQLDataSource. The datasource
    is based on a Select statement and is filtered by the FilterExpression. The
    GridView also has a pager element (below, displaying first, previous, next,
    last icons), paging is enabled, page contains 10 rows.

    The user now skips some pages by clicking a view times on the next icon.
    Now he changes the filter by entering a text in a text box.
    This .Text property is thenafter used to set the

    The displayed rows are correctly filtered and displayed, and paging works
    fine. The only thing I don't understand is, why the pager doesn't reset to
    page 1 if I change the FilterExpression. It just displays a page within the
    resultset, not the first one. I even didn't find what page it displays, must
    be an index or something it uses as it's not the same pagenumber as I had
    I also didn't find the method to request the first page after I've changed
    the FilterExpression else I would use the textbox's TextChanged event to
    reset the pager control to start at page 1.

    Any idea how to do this? Or is it a bug? Do I have to do a workaround or
    even stop using the FilterExpression and instead change the SQLCommand of
    the SQLDataSource and manipulate the WHERE clause inside? I expect this
    would result in disposing the cache and re-reading all records, what I don't
    like for performance reasons.

    Thanks for any hints on how to display the first page of a GridView control
    programmatically after the FilterExpression of the SQLDataSource has

    Greetings and TIA from Phuket, Thailand

    Henry Habermacher [MVP Access], Jan 20, 2006
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  2. Got the answer:
    <GridName>.PageIndex = 0
    works fine. Must have been blind!


    quoting Henry Habermacher [MVP Access]:
    Henry Habermacher [MVP Access], Jan 23, 2006
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  3. Henry Habermacher [MVP Access]


    Jul 31, 2007
    Likes Received:
    vb syntax to programmatically set filter expression? 2.0

    Hi there,
    I have been struggling for some time to programmatically set my filter expression in my vb code. I'm able to get one parameter working;

    VERSION 1 (works)

    SqlDataSource2.FilterParameters.Add("ITEM_TYPE", TypeCode.String, ddItemType.SelectedValue.ToString())

    SqlDataSource2.FilterExpression = "ITEM_TYPE='{0}'"

    but my grid populates with no data once I add more than one item to my expression:

    VERSION 2 (doesn't work)

    SqlDataSource2.FilterParameters.Add("ORGCODE", TypeCode.String, ddOrg.SelectedValue.ToString())
    SqlDataSource2.FilterParameters.Add("ITEM_TYPE", TypeCode.String, ddItemType.SelectedValue.ToString())
    SqlDataSource2.FilterParameters.Add("INVITMSTAT", TypeCode.String, ddItemStatus.SelectedValue.ToString())
    SqlDataSource2.FilterParameters.Add("PLNRCDE", TypeCode.String, ddPlannerCode.SelectedValue.ToString())

    SqlDataSource2.FilterExpression = "ORGCODE ='{0}' AND ITEM_TYPE = '{1}' AND INVITMSTAT = '{2}' AND PLNRCDE = '{3}'"

    You said you were able to get yours working just fine. Do you mind if I asked the format of your filter expression?
    kmarchiony, Jul 31, 2007
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