GridView: Filter DropDownList for another DropDownList

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Guest, Dec 29, 2005.

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    Before, I was working with 1.0 and datagrid. I posted a question for
    this issue. The solution of this problem is load the second dropdownlist on
    the selectedindexchanged event of the first dropdownlist.

    Now, I'm working with 2.0 and the gridview. I apply the same method
    but the second dropdownlist don't shows the rows filtered, it shows the rows
    filtered when the gridview was loaded for the first time.

    This my code of selectedindexchanged event

    Dim cmbCodClasArt As DropDownList = CType(sender, DropDownList)
    Dim Fila As GridViewRow = CType(cmbCodClasArt.Parent.Parent, GridViewRow)
    Dim cmbCodClasDetArt As DropDownList =

    CargarClasDetArt(cmbCodClasArt.SelectedValue) 'Loads the dataview

    What's the problem? Could someone help me?
    Guest, Dec 29, 2005
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