hello everybody, a very usefull eclipse plugin(Swing-designer) problem.

Discussion in 'Java' started by softmyth, May 28, 2006.

  1. softmyth

    softmyth Guest

    first thank you come here

    a eclipse plugin (Swing-designer) is very usefull for me to build a
    Java GUI application.

    the download page is :http://www.instantiations.com/swing-designer/

    but who have the Serial Number and Activation Key?

    if you have these,could you share them to us?

    softmyth, May 28, 2006
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  2. softmyth

    dimitar Guest

    err, you mean that some people paid for the product and they have to
    give it to you?
    dimitar, May 28, 2006
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  3. You do know that this is a commercial Eclipse plugin, and that you are
    supposed to /buy/ a licence (i.e. the serial and key)?

    Philipp Leitner, May 28, 2006
  4. softmyth

    Dag Sunde Guest

    Of course not, that would be software piracy!

    But if you send US$ 199.00 to http://www.instantiations.com,
    they will be happy to provide you with everything you need.

    (US$199.00 is the fulle price of the piece of software
    you're trying to steal=.
    Dag Sunde, May 29, 2006
  5. softmyth

    softwindow Guest

    i only want to try it
    thank you !
    softwindow, May 29, 2006
  6. softmyth

    IchBin Guest

    I have downloaded to see how it works in the past year.. There was a
    trial period.

    Thanks in Advance...
    IchBin, Pocono Lake, Pa, USA

    'If there is one, Knowledge is the "Fountain of Youth"'
    -William E. Taylor, Regular Guy (1952-)
    IchBin, May 29, 2006
  7. What a lame excuse. Even for trials the vendor is the right place to ask.

    Robert Klemme, May 29, 2006
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