Help wanted to modify Gimp Script-fu : will pay

Aug 11, 2022
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I have a Script-Fu script for Gimp that I believe is written in Python. In batch mode, it takes an image from a directory, identifies multiple individual images based on the transition from the background to the image edge, straightens, crops and saves the images sequentially and moves on to the next image in the directory, until done.

It works perfectly for what it was originally designed for, to identify white cards on a black background (think of scans of multiple business cards at once, to be cropped individually). As part of the process, it sacrifices a few pixels of the white card edge in order to get a clean edge. That was ok for that function.

Now, I need to modify it so that it does not sacrifice the edge pixels. I want it to identify the card, then back the selection off by a number of pixels horizontally and vertically, leaving a border of the black background, and then cropping the image.

I am sure it is nothing more than changing a parameter setting in one of the functions that is called, but I don't relate to Python, and I don't have time to research every step of the script. I am looking for someone to help me with this, understand the script, make this and possibly other desirable changes and teach me what is happening along the way. I am quite willing to pay for this, so if you have the skills and are looking for an easy gig, please contact me.


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