Help with Formview Please in AspNet 2.0


Roger Stenson

I am developing a member application with Formview for my bridge club and
the basic item, editing, inserting modes are working fine within the
secure part of the system built round the Microsoft membership and role

Outside the secure system, I have an open web page which displays an
application form to join the club. The form opens directly in Insert Mode.
Following the input, the form is edited in an ItemInserting method and the
insertion cancels OK on routine data edits.
I have just added to the ItemInserting edit function a check whether there
is already a member form on the file for the applicant. (Players are
allowed to play as guests before applying and a 'Guest record can be added
by another (batch) process when processing the results.

I have got the code working ok for the check. If the located record is a
full member the application is redundant and the insertion is cancelled.

However if the Player record on the file is either an open application form
or a partly processed one, (i.e approved but on the waiting list) I would
like the application routine to update the original application with any
changes that are present on the new application Applicants can't get into
the secure system to amend their records.

I have got to the point in the ItemInserting routine where I have
established with an sql reader command that a record exists and am looking
for some advise from the community on how to proceed with my objective. I
need to break out of iteminserting without either cancelling or completing
the transaction
If I cancel the control ignores any subsequent code and redisplays the
insertion record . If I don't cancel it attempts to complete the insertion
and fails on duplicate input

I am beginning to think I shall have to abandon FormView and code this
routine from scratch in Asp but before doing this I would hope for some
advice from more experienced coders on whether there is a way of achieving
my objective

Roger Stenson

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