Hey everybody, nice to be here. I have a question -

Aug 28, 2018
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Y'all seem like a friendly bunch, and I was wondering if there are any experienced coders who've been in the game a long time and can help me out with starting up?

I've recently learned HTML, CSS & JavaScript/ JQuery to a good standard. I've got a degree in Graphic Arts, and I'm proficient with Photoshop/ GIMP. I'm also familiar with After Effects/ Illustrator.

I'm wondering what coding jobs are out there for someone with my skill set? (Besides Web Developer/ UI/ UX)

(I can definitely learn new softwares and programming languages if required)

I'm looking for something creative, but am also happy problem solving and learning back-end languages (I'm guessing there's a lot of creativity in that field too).

Thanks in advance!
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