How can I click on an entry of my Kendo/Telerik Grid and show more detailed information in a Detail view?

Sep 13, 2022
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I am currently working on an ASP.NET project using the Kendo/Telerik Grid. I have already implemented the Grid and it is working.

However, I now have the following problem: I would like to have a detailed view for each individual entry in the Kendo/Telerik list. (For the Kendo Grid I use the Person model and for the Detail View I want to use the DetailPerson model). The detail page should be accessible via a button located in each row of the grid.

Currently, the DetailPerson page is empty. This is part of the Kendo Grid where I call the showDetail function:

columns.Command( command => command.Custom("-").Text(" ").Click("showDetails")).Width(100);

This is the function, that redirects me to the detail page:
function showDetails(e) {
var link = "@Url.Action("Detail","Person")";

window.location.href = link;
To sum up, I want to implement the following:

Click on a button of the Kendo grid (lets say Person X)
Get to the Detail page and show more information about Person X.
Does anyone have an idea how to implement that? Thank you very much!

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