How to consume webservice in asp server-side code?



I used to call the COM+ methods to do some stuff, but now I want to
move the COM+ to web service.
The problem is how to comsume webservice in asp page?

I cannot call the webservice in client- side code for some security
concern. Is it possible to call a webservice or anything other than a
COM+ in asp server-side code?

Thanks in advance



Nanda Lella[MSFT]

If the web service is created with in your web application you should just
be able to call it as any public function.
If you are trying to consume a webservice from another location, you can
add a web reference and use it as just any other class.

Here is a blog post that explains how to consume the webservices in code
behind with sample code

Hope this helps


Thank You,
Nanda Lella,

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