How to Design a Cross Network app

Aug 15, 2022
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Hi, I am in charge of designing supply chain solutions for my company. I am new in python but scheduled to undergo intensive training for it. At the end of my classes I want to design an app for computer or mobile devices where factories across the country can input data to sections in my app which would automatically update a spreadsheet on excel with what they entered. I need this app to be super simple where all the user has to do is press buttons, input their info and press send then I would see it on my end.
For example: Factory manager A presses a button on the app that says "Amount of wires received:", they would input "5" and press enter and I would receive that information on my spreadsheet. So now amount of wires on the spreadsheet would now say 5. How would I design this? Is python the right platform for this?

Thank you!

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