How to go about building a crud app when you are a noob

Jan 2, 2023
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Hi all, here's the thing, for the past year i've been learning front-end, you know, html, css, javascript, angular, the usual stuff, hoping to switch professions. It's been going great and I'm probably close already to employment in the field and stuff.

But that's for the future, right now, I'm trying to get a little start-up going, and it's going great, but I need to scale up, get employees and that sort of thing. The new employees will need a platform to work on, that will connect to a website the users can place orders at. Now, front-end-wise, no issues, this is well within my capabilities, however back end wise, I'm in trouble, the startup works as a proof of concept and makes money, but not a lot, enough to justify upscaling, but not enough to shell out salaries for developers for a prolonged period of time, I just can't afford it. I have two options.

1. Apply for government programs, which will take time and effort and might not even work. If successful, I can get the money to hire developers and that's good and all.
2. Just wing it, make the back-end work myself, I learnt front-end without too much trouble over an year, 2 hours everyday, there is no reason I can't figure back-end out, if I try hard-enough. Plus that will be valuable experience down the road and I will have a project under my name, which is great for employment options.

The trouble I'm having is how to go about it, there are several obstacles I've encountered.
1. Tutorials, as far as front-end tutorials go, it's just a party, there's one for everybody and everything. But as far as tutorials for what I want goes, they are often outdated and not as detailed as I would hope.
2. The natural direction I wanted to go was MEAN stack, cause Angular, so I download Mongodb, I find a tutorial for what feels like a 1000th time, follow the instructions down to the tee, install express, install mongoose, install bunch of stuff I haven't even heard about, I'm so paranoid that I even type spaces the same way as the tutorial, and then it just doesn't work, because some of it is outdated, depreciated, wrong version or whatever and I'm nowhere close enough knowledgewise to debugging it.
3. I even tried to build an app using Jquery and mysql, and I made that work, but it was just a disaster and nothing works the exact way I want it to. When I asked around for help, people just started slapping me for using jquery, apparantely, it's like being a nazi or something.

SO, the QUESTION is, how do I go about this? What do I learn, what should I use that won't be too much for a noob to wing with some googling?
Dec 21, 2022
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I read your post and was wondering a little. So, first of all a little off-topic:
If you have a startup which makes money already(!), why the hack do you want switch to employment in the future?? That is the wrong direction in the career!!!

I am not an expert in web dev, but have a general knowledge in many fields and aspects.

Your are a front dev expert and uses Angular. That sounds perfectly fine, cause Angular runs in the browser.
What kind of backend dev stuff do you need then?

You have some more options beside your mentioned:
  • Make a business plan / Power Point presentation and rent money from bank / venture capital companies.
  • Crowd funding and/or (partly) open source dev.
  • Get a supporter (e.g. customer who wants new features)
  • Do many work by your own and only source some critical but shorter tasks out to a freelance worker who is an expert in that specific area. Then you don't need an employee.
If for the last point you dont have money, combine the last point with the first, second or third.

PS: I perfectly understand your trouble. If you need to use something for a critical part and you are not familiar with it, you will always feel paranoid when try step-by-step instructions and then have some weird error or behavior. I am always close to heart-attack when i update wordpress plugins or the theme... Don't want to land in CSS hell or have a broken database... ;)

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