How to effectively develop a web application from scratch?

Jul 2, 2023
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For a while now, I have been trying to build a startup. But creating a full web application from scratch has been EXTREMELY hard. Here is my stack:
1. Go
2. Typescript + TSX for frontend (I am not using react. I used a hack that allows me to convert TSX and JSX directly to browser DOM API calls).
3. PostgreSQL for storage (along with S3 for large file storage).
4. Redis

It took me 4 months to write a "Visual Editor" application for my frontend in Typescript from scratch. This visual editor allows you to draw rectangular boxes and connect them with arrows (it is a bit more complicated than this, as it also supports multiple pages and stuff). The visual editor is useful for inputting workflows (which are just a connected graph) visually.

And after that, I spent some time learning Java + spring boot, just to realize that beans are actually an anti-pattern and java was a bit slower in general. So I had to fall back to using Go.

More recently, I built an authentication & authorization proxy in Go (also from scratch), that hashes passwords using argon2id. And it also manages session. It uses PostgreSQL for both sessions, password and user details (I am planning to move sessions to Redis).

I am not working anywhere. I am dedicating all my time to my startup idea. So every second counts and I can't waste them.

Yet, my progress is dead slow.

I don't have industry experience (never worked anywhere).

So, how do I build a web application from scratch?

(by the way, I'm trying a build a visual workflow system, and for that, I'm trying build something like Heroku as the first step).
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