How to implement a music playlist player in Ruby?


Biku DAA

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new in the music/playlist related programming. I want to
create a website with a player which plays the selected playlist and
keep tracks (or populated in DB) of the number of times a music being
played and links to Artist and Album related to the song.

Can you point me to the ideas or the best resources, please? Thanks in



jake kaiden

hi Biku -

i don't really know anything about implementing this in a webpage -
but the desktop audio-player i've written uses gstreamer for playback,
duration, seeking, etc. gstreamer works well, though unfortunately the
docs are quite outdated, and you've got to hunt around for solutions a
lot of times. the gnome2 section of this forum is a good place for
gstreamer questions.

i haven't tried this:
but it looks like it could be a good option as well.

good luck!



Jan 24, 2022
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Hi Biku,

You can use Redis to store a list of the tracks IDs for a playlist, for speedy referencing to reduce the lag between tracks. You can also build your Next and Previous Track API calls based on the current track playing so that the next track from the Redis set can be loaded into the player.

You can also explore other ideas like:-
HTML5 custom data attributes
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