How to style TemplatedWizardStep?




I've been styling non-templated wizard steps by using skins and StepStyle
property. Knowing that wizard steps are rendered as <td> it was not too
difficult to come up with a css class and set it in a given skin.

I need more control in one of the wizards and I thought that going with
templated steps might work. Unfortunately StepStyle is ignored by
TemplatedWizardStep. The template supports themes (through SkinID) but
there is not much I can do in the skin definition - I definitely cannot
assign a css class (i.e. CssClass property is not there).

ContentTemplate and CustomNavigationTemplate are rendered as <tr>s. In
addition, CustomNavigationTemplate's content is rendered as a table with one
row and a column. If I could somehow apply a css to that column then, I
think, I'd be OK. I'm not sure how to accomplish that.

Could someone please give me some hints on how to do that?



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