IE7 + Vista - Window.Open issue



This is an issue related to IE 7 on Vista OS. Whenever user clicks a link
that opens a new window using, parent window throws JavaScript
exception with message "window object is null or undefined. Do you want to
continue?" But this works fine on IE 6 (or IE 7) in other OS like Windows

In Vista, if we disable the "Protected Mode" option in IE settings, then
this error is not occurring. So it means window is not allowing opening the
new window in protected mode.

One link where a discussion resembles this sort of issue is: From
the discussion thread, it looks like that we cannot manipulate the instance
of the window created through,name,.) method. On this basis,
just for a trial, we've commented all the code that manipulates window (as
below), "Nav1",

// navigatorWindow =, "Navigator",

// navigatorWindow.opener = window;

// navigatorWindow.focus();

At first instance it seemed to work. But, later we noticed that, it was
creating different tabs of the same page in single window if user clicks the
same link multiple times.

So to summarize our requirement is as follows-

1) To get rid of JavaScript error that is occurring on Vista/IE7 on

2) It should open single instance with single tab of the window on clicking
same link multiple times.


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